MongoDB - Can not connect the database by Mongodb ODBC Driver Windows

Hello Friends,

So many users are complaining that they cannot connect to the Mongodb with the ODBC Driver so today I am gonna write this tutorial as I was also stuck with the MongoDB ODBC connector issue on windows and did not find any help over the internet. So after debugging lots of hours i finally able to connect with the MongoDB ODBC with my server. So, first of all, you need to download these prerequisites.

Step 1: Prerequisites


Step 2: Connecting to Database via mongosqld

mongosqld --mongo-uri "mongodb://" --auth --mongo-username lucifer --mongo-password Pass1234 --mongo-authenticationSource admin
  • Open Command Prompt and run the above query until it fully samples the whole schema and shows you all the collections names in the cli like this

Step 3: Connecting via ODBC


Now Test the connection. That’s all. 🙂

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